Filtech is concerned with the production of peculiar and specific filters, used in the field of household appliances or in filtering fixtures of mechanical plants in general.

The range of items designed, manufactured and produced and distributed by Filtech covers countless sectors. Besides a high quality level, in any field our company can claim a know-how that leads to really satisfactory results.

In addition to metallic filters, Filtech has started producing filters made of porous plastic, as a result of investments and researches that enabled our company to get into sectors of high technological level, like filtering of chemical agents for photographic development and printing. Filtech can be moderately proud to step into this worldwide market as the first Italian manufacturer.

The special features of the filters offered by Filtech require a thorough knowledge of the materials used, technology and adaptability to individual requirements. All of these qualities can be offered by our company's management in order to meet any special need.

For the manufacture of its item, the company uses materials submitted to special treatments, such as sintering of flat wire nets, yielding filters of outstanding quality and resistance. This achievement too is the result of investments in special technologies that have further enhanced the company's know-how and enabled it to offer a satisfactory service to its clients.