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Experience and Technology

Filtech - Filtri in tela metallica
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To match all your needs

Filtech - Filtri in tela metallica
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Metal wire filters

Filtech - Filtri in tela metallica
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Experience and technology at your service

Filtech S.r.l. was founded at the end of 1995 as a commercial division abroad for Metas S.n.c., which was a company specialising in the production of filter in wire cloths and metal net, existing since 1982, from which Filtech has inherited a solid base, taking advantage of an optimal and consolidated quality level through the time. Filtech then continued to apply its knowledge and resources in order to carry out its work, which consists of the processing of metal wire cloths and expanded mesh.

Filtech is able to design and start production activities for the realization of any component in the field of filtration, meeting the needs and requests of the customer. The experience of many years of production has allowed us to realize an extremely versatile production cycle, given that the machines and equipment used are mostly designed and manufactured by Filtech.

High quality filters

Filtech's activity concerns the production of special and specific filters applied in several sectors; for example, the field of automotive, taps, painting, appliances and filtration of mechanical systems in general (hydraulics, pneumatics, thermo-hydraulics).
In all the fields of its activity, Filtech boasts a high quality level and high technical knowledge that allows it to obtain excellent results.
The particularity of the filters produced by Filtech require knowledge of the materials used, technology and adaptability for individual needs; all qualities that the company management is able to offer to meet any specific request.

Filtech's reality

Filtech srl is a family orientated company adopting a similar way of working. The importance given to contact with customers, the value of the management up to a personal level, the availability in understanding the needs and the efforts to meet the requirements, are the basic criteria that characterize the organization of Filtech Srl. In addition, the technical and qualitative skills that allow the achievement of the objectives, complete the picture that every customer or friend can testify about the reality of Filtech Srl.

Our production

Filtech's main production consists of cylinders, discs, compounds, co-molded. The materials used are metal wire cloth, micro-expanded mesh, plastic materials. Filtech uses only materials of European origin, accompanied by the corrisponding certificates. For the realization of its products some materials are treated with special applications that differentiate the filters for quality and resistance, such as the stabilization of metal wire cloth in controlled atmosphere and temperatures. Also this is the result of particular investments in specific technologies that have enriched our know-how and allows the company to provide an excellent service to its customers.


Entering into the company, the first quality is harmony and the team spirit among people; and, in addition to the seriousness and individual abilities that can be found in every department, Filtech's staff is characterized by a deep and rich work experience gained over many years. The quality management system is in full accordance to the criteria of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
Filtech's production activity meet the European regulations 1935/2004 e 2023/2006 ( MOCA discipline), therefore the management of the articles involved meets the requirements requested by the regulations.


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